High Profile Drop Outs who Become Billionaires

Every senior high school student has the same big issue: how to get into top college. Even on the first day of senior year, high school students begin to review their school choices. The better rank school they want to go, they believe that it could help them reach a better future. It can’t be denied that education has important role to shape someone’s future and being a graduate from top leading school could give you benefits on job market competition. But don’t forget that fancy college degree isn’t the obvious thing to become a successful person. We can easily learn from high profiled billionaires who actually college drop outs. 

There is a stereotype that those who failed in school would be a total loser for the rest of their life. Well, this is not only outdated stereotype but also completely wrong thought. Education is important but it doesn’t always mean formal education. These days, it is much easier to find out billionaires who successfully build a business empire and when you take a look at their backgrounds, they never even completed their college education. Those high profiled drop outs are including the leader in the business world. Bill Gates is one good example. He never graduates from Harvard but who doesn’t know who he is. He builds Microsoft from scratch to become the biggest technology enterprise in the world. Today, he left his position in Microsoft to focus on his philanthropic movement. Steve Jobs never even completed his freshmen year at Reed College but he successfully built Apple to become one of the most valuable brands in the world. The image of younger high profiled drop outs could found on Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook guy. He dropped out from Harvard to build Facebook and know he is among Fortune’s 100 richest men in the world. 

What we can learn from those high profile drop outs? No. It doesn’t mean that college education isn’t important. Having college diploma will surely give you competitive value in your professional world. However, even the fanciest degree from top school won’t guarantee that you will become a highly successful people. What we can learn from those high profiled drop outs is how they focus on what matters most. They think that they have other passion and they really have courage to pursue their own goal. When you really committed to one thing and you put all your passion on that, you will reach your dream. The other lesson we can get from them is how to think outside the box. Those high profile drop outs won’t get stuck with the stereotype in the society but instead, they created new trends. Before you decide which school you want to pally, it is the right time to make a self-reflection and find the real passion in your life. Don’t be afraid to take the path where your passion is even when it is against what other people thinks. This is your life and you are the only person entitled to decide which path you want to take.  Who knows, against all odds, you could become the next billionaire


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